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Fishing Guide For All The Counties In The United Kingdoom

So you want to find out more about fishing in the different counties in the Uk but don't know where to begin, we have up to date and current information about fishing in all 43 counties in the Uk, including Coarse, Carp, Fly, Sea, Game, all so rivers, canals, lakes and more.

A Guide To Fishing In Essex


Thinking of fishing in Essex? Why not start with the biggest fishing club in the county – the Billericay and District Angling Club. This colossus of a club offers access to now fewer than 30 superb lakes.

A Guide To Fishing In Gloucestershire


Imagine casting a line into a gin-clear lake reflecting the gorgeous Cotswold Hills from its stunningly beautiful location at the base of a steep-sided valley.

A Guide To Fishing In Kent


Looking for excellent fishing venues? Ever tried fishing in Kent? If not, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. The Orpington and District Angling Association offers a broad range of still water lakes as well as some beautiful stretches of river fishing, including 7 miles of the River Medway.

A Guide To Fishing In Norfolk


If the prospect of catching a hefty carp weighing in at 20lbs appeals to you, you might want to pay a visit to the delightful Norfolk town of Downham. The picturesque Wallington Hall offers good, old-fashioned estate lake fishing with its three generous lakes positively bursting with carp.

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