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Fishing Guide For All The Counties In The United Kingdoom

So you want to find out more about fishing in the different counties in the Uk but don't know where to begin, we have up to date and current information about fishing in all 43 counties in the Uk, including Coarse, Carp, Fly, Sea, Game, all so rivers, canals, lakes and more.

A Guide To Fishing In Lancashire


The home of the famous hot pot, Lancashire also boasts some superb angling venues set in some of the most breathtaking countryside in the UK.

A Guide To Fishing In Leicestershire


Leicestershire may not strike many as a paradise for anglers, and perhaps it isn’t. But why should a county have to exaggerate when it has such excellent waters to fish in? If you like you’re angling practical, pragmatic and productive, fishing in Leicestershire should appeal to you.

A Guide To Fishing In Northumberland


Whatever you’re angling interests – sea fishing, still water angling, river/game fishing – you’ll discover limitless opportunities for every one of them when you try fishing in Northumberland.

A Guide To Fishing In Warwickshire


Anyone who needs to get some serious fishing in on the precious one or two days off from work each week will want to find a place where there are excellent fisheries, but avoid wasting hours trying to find the best locations.

Fishing In Cumbria


Famous for being the home of the spellbindingly beautiful Lake District, Cumbria has another less well-known string to its bow: it offers some of the best fishing in the UK.



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