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Fishing Guide For All The Counties In The United Kingdoom

So you want to find out more about fishing in the different counties in the Uk but don't know where to begin, we have up to date and current information about fishing in all 43 counties in the Uk, including Coarse, Carp, Fly, Sea, Game, all so rivers, canals, lakes and more.

A Guide To Fishing In Cornwall


The county that brought you the Cornish pasty and the clotted cream tea, you may be surprised to hear, also brings you some of the finest angling in the UK.

A Guide To Fishing In Derbyshire


Even for those who have never considered angling as a sport in the past, fishing in Derbyshire may convert the most sceptical (or simply uninitiated) into keen and committed anglers.

A Guide To Fishing In Devon


Fancy a stay in a genuine fisherman’s hotel deep in the most naturally bejewelled Devonshire countryside? If so, it’s time to check in to the extraordinary Arundel Arms Hotel – one of Britain’s foremost fishing hotels for the last two decades.

A Guide To Fishing In Dorset


If the famous folk song insists that “Dorset is beautiful”, we could confidently say, fishing in Dorset is even ‘beautifuller’ (if such a word existed). Take the Amherst Lodge Fly Fishery, for instance, situated on the Dorset/Devon border near Lyme Regis.

A Guide To Fishing In Norfolk


If the prospect of catching a hefty carp weighing in at 20lbs appeals to you, you might want to pay a visit to the delightful Norfolk town of Downham. The picturesque Wallington Hall offers good, old-fashioned estate lake fishing with its three generous lakes positively bursting with carp.



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