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Fishing Guide For All The Counties In The United Kingdoom

So you want to find out more about fishing in the different counties in the Uk but don't know where to begin, we have up to date and current information about fishing in all 43 counties in the Uk, including Coarse, Carp, Fly, Sea, Game, all so rivers, canals, lakes and more.

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A Guide To Fishing In Bedfordshire


Anyone who has decided to give fishing in Bedfordshire a go will definitely want to cast a line, or three at the Heron Lake Carp Fishery before leaving.

A Guide To Fishing In Berkshire


Famous for being one of England’s oldest counties (dating back to when Alfred the Great first demarcated County boundaries), and housing England’s oldest and most famous public school – Eton College – as well as Windsor Castle

A Guide To Fishing In Buckinghamshire


Anglers who love the idea of being spoilt for choice might want to try fishing in Buckinghamshire; you’ll be hard pressed to find a more diverse range of resources in a single county.

A Guide To Fishing In Cambridgeshire


Most people think of elegant University spires and languorous punts along the River Cam when they think of Cambridge. Anglers, of course, aren’t blind to these idyllic scenes, but a more pressing question in the angling mind is ‘Where are the fish?’

A Guide To Fishing In Cheshire


Close your eyes and picture sitting on a tree-lined bank, fishing in the heart of unspoiled countryside, before wandering on to where the river courses languidly through pristine meadowland.



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