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Uk Fishing Venues

When choosing a fishing venue,the task can be daunting for both beginning and experienced anglers, alike. However, there are some key tips and tricks to keep in mind when selecting an angling site, no matter what your intended prey is.

For starters, you need to check to find out if your waters of interest are open for angling. Many streams and rivers have a close season in the late winter and early spring, while most lakes and ponds do not. Check with your local authorities for regulation information on specific bodies of water.

There are many reasons people choose to go on a uk fishing lakes. Some prefer a scenic or private spot, while others are simply most concerned with finding a run thick with fish. If you live near a major city, your options may be limited, while those whove recently moved to the countryside often have too many choices.

When you want to fish a uk fishing lake you have four major options.


There are thousands of rivers in the UK that support diverse populations of fish, from the mighty Thames to tiny streams that wind through the countryside. River fishing is generally characterized by tight spaces and action that can change considerably throughout the year with water speed. Clear running streams with gravelly bottoms are generally the most prized by both coarse and game fish anglers who jealously guide their favourite uk fishing lakes.

Fastmoving rivers are often home to some of the most exciting species of fish, such as barbel and dace. On the other hand, slower streams are home to a much larger variety of species. In fact, most species that are found in slow moving rivers are also found in larger lakes.

Lakes And Ponds

Open all year in most places, the lakes and ponds are where most people first learn to fish. Many lakes and private ponds are stocked with fish such as trout and mirror carp, though longtime anglers feel wildborn fish are more challenging to land. Carp, pike and crucians are found in many UK stillwaters, as are lake trout, perch and many more.


Few waters are as pristine as the lochs of Scotland. While Scottish lochs have many of the same fish as a typical slow river run, but with populations adapted to large spaces. They are usually fished as microzones from the bank rather than going out in a boat. The exception to this is pike fishing, which can net massive specimens in the deep waters of these sometimes massive bodies of water.

Deciding which uk fishing lakes depends on what sort of experience youre looking for, as well as how far home you want to venture. The fact of the matter is that there are plenty of wonderful fishing spots you can reach without hopping on a plane.




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