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Summer Fishing

There's nothing quite like fishing on a pleasant summer afternoon. This is, in fact, the time of year when most UK anglers head out to get their fishing "fix." Of course, this can lead to quite a pile up on the banks of many ponds, lakes, rivers and piers, so going a few extra kilometres to find an isolated spot where you can have the fish all to yourself.

Summer fishing is a long tradition in Britain, with even more people going fishing on a given summer afternoon than watching football. This is a great time of year to get young people interested in the sport, while die-hard angling addicts will happily go out in just about any weather.

Being exothermic, one of the characteristics of summer fishing is the speed with which the fish move. Some of the hardest fighting is to be found at this time of year, too. They will hit the baits very hard, as a general rule, and anglers need to be prepared to set the hook very quickly. For this reason, even in waters where having an additional pole is allowed, these fast summer fish can sometimes get away from you.

Of course, along with all the excitement of summer fishing are the bugs that are also enjoying their moment in the sun. This includes some species that can either bite or carry disease. It's a good idea, especially if you're going out at dusk or dawn, to carry some insect repellent with you. There are both chemical and natural alternatives that work well in all but the most infested locations. Stagnant waters are especially good at breeding some of the most annoying insects.

Since the waters can get very hot during the summer months, shallow water fish often wait until the evening or early in the morning to come up to the shore for feeding. As such, night fishing is almost exclusively practised in the summertime. Many waters have regulations against this practice or setting up a bivouac, so it's always a good idea to check on such regulations before you head out, if you can. Fishing clubs can often point you in the right direction if you're having trouble finding a good night fishing spot nearby.

One thing that can be problematic in the late summer months are ponds that have too many nutrients in them (especially those near agricultural areas) and foster algae blooms. This can rob the water of valuable nitrogen, leading to fish kills. If while summer fishing you see that the fish are gulping near the surface, the oxygen levels are probably very low. This stress in the fish populations, even if it doesn't kill them outright, can lead to parasite infections of the fish. Be sure to check the fish over very carefully before taking them to eat.




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