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Method Feeder Fishing

With the increase of match anglers in the UK and the popularity of fishing on commercial type waters on the up methods to catch and land larger fish have become more in vogue. One of the most popular techniques at the moment is the ‘Method’. Tackle Fanatics have put together a guide to help you put more fish on the bank with this devastating tactic. The ‘Method’ is probably the most popular technique currently and has accounted for numerous match winning bags and some huge pleasure catches. The Method consists of a purpose designed feeder and a short hooklink, enabling the angler to feed a highly attractive parcel of food into the water drawing fish down onto the hookbait.


As with all fishing where you casts is essential and depends on the nature of the venue. Having a feature in front of you, such as an island or bankside vegetation gives you a target area that will often hold fish; usually the tighter you cast to the feature the better. On larger more open waters long range fishing will often help you reach fish that are sitting at distance away from angling pressure. Accuracy is crucial and the use of a line clip will ensure the distance you are


The bait used for the Method is one of the most essential elements that need to be considered. The correct mix and hookbait will help stimulate the fish into feeding and get a pickup. The groundbait or pellet mix must hold together long enough to withstand the force of the cast and make it to the bottom to enable the feeder to do its job. One of the main principles behind the Method is that it remains as a tight clump of bait on the bottom that attracts the fish in to feed within a close proximity of your hookbait; the mix breaking up as it hits the surface will result in the bait spreading out and ultimately distributing the fish over a wider area, making it harder to get a quick bite – essential when fishing in matches where time is of the essence.

Hookbaits are an element which needs to be considered as selecting the correct one can often help you get more bites quickly. Everything from pellets to paste, boilies to artificial can all be used to great effect. The key to effective method feeder fishing is keeping the hookbait small and balanced to avoid it being rejected by fish feeding on the small particles that tend to be in method mixes.


The way you feed is crucial to help make your fishing more effective. Accuracy is the most essential part of Method fishing and the use of a line clip and a bankside marker will help you get more bites. It is normally best to start off by casting out frequently at the beginning of a session to create a bed of bait; subsequent casts should be judged by the amount of activity in the swim and how frequent forthcoming bites are.


There is a huge array of well-designed method feeders on the market today but the inline flatbed style feeder is the most popular due to their castability, tangle free nature and hooking potential. The venue, distance you are fishing and size of your quarry are all factors that dictate the size of your feeder and fishing tackle shops are always on hand to offer sound advice. Mainline and hooklink materials are also available from a number of the leading manufacturers and picking the correct one is paramount. A strong mainline of around 6-8lb along with a hooklink of 4-6lb should be robust enough to deal with the rigors of Method feeder fishing for large match sized carp and other specimen fish. The hooklink must be short to assist in hooking and often the hooklink is folded back inside the feeder to cater for competitive feeding where the feeding is often being repeatedly hit by packs of hungry fish attacking the highly attractive mix.

Hooks must also be strong and durable due to the large fish that reside in most commercial venues where the Method is now the number one tactic. A strong hook ranging from 18-10 are the most popular and will give the user the option to fish a variety of baits for a range of fish species. The Method one of the most popular techniques available to the modern match and pleasure angler. Its effectiveness and ease of use make it the top choice for many top match anglers today. If you are looking for a new approach to try and increase you catch rate then the Method really is the method for you.




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