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Amazon Angler
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Country:United Kingdom
Service Types:Fishing Holidays
Address:2 Woodberry Grove North Finchley N12 0DR
Telephone:01832 275995
Website:Our Website

Amazon Angler


Anglers Fishing Guide


Welcome to Amazon Angler here at Amazon we are dedicated to providing world class adventure fishing breaks and hosting groups of anglers from all over the globe.

Our Amazon fishing holidays will take you deep into the Amazon Basin. You will fish in secluded locations where hardly anyone has ever been to, often where few people, if any, have ever cast a rod and line.

We also have access to other amazing Latin American fishing destinations and so many of our trips are suitable and friendly for individuals, families and couples too.

Whether you are casting lures, flies or bait, we have the perfect location, where you can target the most incredible species, often in jungle locations right out of The National Geographic and Jurassic Park. Come and fish with us into another world.

Packages at Amazon Angler, we specialise in taking our adventure-seeking anglers on the fishing holiday of a lifetime.

We have more than 15 years experience of organising fishing holiday expeditions deep into the mysterious, wonderful Amazon jungle and throughout South America. Now we want you to experience what we have, and introduce you to a totally different world where fishermans dreams really do come true.

We focus mostly on the Amazon rainforest and its surrounding areas and watersheds, particularly throughout Brazil and Venezuela. But we also offer other selected incredible exotic fishing holiday trips to some of the most exciting angling destinations in Central and South America.

They all have to live up to our mantra of providing world class fishing, in out of this world locations.




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