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Fox International
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Country:United Kingdom
Service Types:Suppliers
Address:Fowler Road Hainault Essex IG6 3UT
Telephone:+44 (0)208 559 6500
Website:Our Website



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Welcome to Fox fox isn't just an item of tackle, it's a way of life. When you buy a Fox product, you buy into the Fox family. Here you can read all about Fox International, where it started and where we're heading.Each week tens of thousands of anglers spread across the globe go fishing using Fox International tackle. We now have brands in the coarse, match, carp, predator and sea markets and Fox International is firmly established as one of the leading tackle manufacturers in Europe.

But, it all had to start somewhere, and for Fox International that somewhere was in Essex, UK, when Cliff Fox (who still heads up the company) launched his first ever Fox International angling product a metal ruler showing size limits of certain species of fish caught in UK matches (when anglers had to fish to a set of size limit rules).

Sales were good, encouraging Cliff to produce more products from his small rented workshop close to the companys current HQ in Hainault, Essex. The first product to bear the Fox name was a metal baitdropper, in the year 1967 over 40 years ago.

The rest, as they say, is history. The company is now the largest privately owned tackle firm in Europe, and currently sells products in 30 countries, including the USA and Russia. The big product launches of the modern day Fox International are Stratos Magnesium reels, MSB seatboxes and SFD carp rods. Basic products like the metal ruler have now been replaced by electronic Micron bite alarms. Times have certainly changed.

The Company soon outgrew its original rented workshop, forcing the move to its UK headquarters. But, as the company continued to expand it was forced to open up a huge European distribution plant in Meer, on the Belgium/Holland border, whilst retaining the UK office as the companys headquarters. Fox International now employs over 100 people, spread across the UK and Europe, including a dedicated on-the-road sales team, a team of leading angling consultants, design department and an impressive CAD product development team.

And, unlike many other tackle manufacturers, Fox International continues to innovate to ensure anglers around the world are given the option of using the best fishing tackle possible. Fox remains a truly international brand!




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