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C.C Moore & Co
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Country:United Kingdom
Service Types:Fishing Bait
Address:Church Hill Stalbridge Dorset DT10 2LR
Telephone:01963 362234
Website:Our Website

C.C Moore & Co


Anglers Fishing Guide


Welcome to C.C Moore & Co C.C. Moore & Co is a long-established family company based around an old watermill on the banks of the River Stour in Dorset, with over 150 years of trading in the animal feed and milling industry. Our experience in animal nutrition and feed formulation, combined with a passion for angling, has enabled us to develop high nutrient value baits for coarse fishing.

It is our constant aim to provide top quality, innovative products at the forefront of bait production, while maintaining excellent value for money for anglers of all levels of experience in the various sectors of the angling community. With a particular focus on carp and coarse fishing, we are able to offer an ever-expanding range of competitively priced bait items that have a proven track record.

The Bait Centre as our customers invest in high quality products every time they purchase from us, to become market leaders in the competitive field of carp and coarse fishing bait it is necessary to invest time and money in the continual development of our highly acclaimed range of tried and tested products.

With human food and pharmaceutical grade ingredients forming the basis of many of our products, the processing, handling and storage facilities of our baits are considered of paramount importance. There can be no point in using such costly, nutritionally valuable products only to store, handle and process them in unhygienic, rodent infested farm buildings where quality control is of little or no importance.

With this long-term commitment to quality we have invested in a purpose built facility (below) where all operations can be carried out under one roof. This allows us to be confident in the knowledge that no cross contamination can occur during any stage of the supply process, ensuring your bait leaves CC Moore & Co Ltd in perfect condition every time you order.

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The new 2009 CC Moore product catalogue is currently underway and will hopefully be released by early February. The 2009 edition (Product Catalogue 4) will contain a number of exciting new products and will enable our customers to purchase more of the best baits on the market at very competitive rates. On top of our already vast range we have new hookbaits, spod mixes, particles, liquids, pellets and special offer packs planned as well as a few other things we cant yet mention.

Summary wherever or whenever you fish, CC Moore & Co Ltd can provide you with that key component that helps transform a session to forget into a session to remember.Like many of the most successful anglers, make CC Moore & Co Ltd your first choice for high quality baits and reap the rewards in 2010.





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