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At Fishin
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Country:United Kingdom
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Address:Station Road Stechford Birmingham B33 9AX
Telephone:0121 784 5000
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At fishin


Anglers Fishing Guide


Welcome to At Fishin the flipp Auto Release Spring loaded Long Pole Support
Very quick & easy to reset, Foam rubber pad protects the pole, Handsfree Fish at 16 metres without strain & fatigue, Can be used with Bump bar or across legs, May give you a slight edge to frame, Made from Aluminium: weighs less than 4ozs, Made in Britain, Instructions, Set bracket in position. You can alter this position to suit (with practice) your own preferred style.

Important use the tommy bar supplied to lock support into bank stick.Set the height of the pad approximately 12" above the seat.Then adjust the height so as the tip of the pole is the required distance above the water. (Raising the support lowers the tip turn the support pad anticlockise to support the pole.

Slight downward pressure on the pole releases support clear of the pole. It takes a split-second to support the pole again.Set the pad in forward direction when pole is on the inside of the support Set the pad in backward direction when pole is on the outside of the support.




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