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Internet Business For Sale Anglers Fishing Guide

This Fishing Guide site is a complete online magazine covering all aspects of the angling industry. It provides high profile internet presence on dedicated online business showcases which are available to holiday companies specialising in Angling Breaks, Fishing Tackle Suppliers, Angling Centres, Lakes and Rivers, Sea Fishing, and related events. The guide provides a dynamic marketing tool that enables its clients to be highly visible to a targeted audience seeking their services.

The Guide is an internet based company and can easily be found directly via the name of the guide (URL) or alternatively and more commonly, via keyword searches in the major search engines like Yahoo and Google, for keywords such as ‘Fishing Holidays’ ‘Fishing Tackle Supplies’ and individual names of companies. The Guide has been optimised to appear on the top positions of the world’s largest search engines for keywords specific to the industry. This provides maximum visibility to people using the internet.

The site design is clean and uncluttered with a clean fun professional look and feel and is set out similarly to a magazine. It is attractive to look at and easy to use with key features of the guide that are easy to access. It was designed by an award winning web design company who are specialists in the design of industry specific guides. We ensure that there is enough interest in the guide to keep customers coming back and convert viewings of the guide directly into business.

It enables businesses to list their range of services, charges, features, contact details etc. on a highly visible internet site. We ensure that there is enough interest in the guide to keep customers coming back and convert viewings of the guide directly into business.It allows customers who are using the internet to search for specific fishing related resources in the required location, and to book mark attractive offers. The site effectively acts as a link between the fishing enthusiast, and the industry.

Revenue Streams

There are many revenue streams that are implemented on the site

Companies are able to advertise their business directly on the website, the main one being that customers and business are able to advertise their business on the website for a set fee, other revenue streams are google Adsense and some affiliate sites.

Your Customers Get

  • Hosting of customers display for one full year.
  • Hyperlink to customers own web site.
  • Description. Customer may include unlimited text to update as many times as he/she needs throughout the year at no additional cost.
  • Contact details. Details of where to find the client or business, address, telephone number, fax and email address.
  • Free front page features. The client may feature his business on the front page of the guide for one week.
  • Commission free booking facility.
  • The client has 24 hour access to his/her display using a secure personal password. Advanced search facility. Customers find businesses on the guide using our quick and advanced search facility where they will see you listed in multiple categories and facilities search.
  • Photographs. Allocated space to include up to unlimited enlargeable photographs. Customer access to booking inquiry facility four ways.
  • It is database driven – for maximum performance and ‘search ability’ It has a sophisticated internal search engine that is simple to use.
  • Regular and relevant articles keeping people abreast of the fishing industry.
  • Front page features.
  • Simple, clear design allowing ease of use and clarity of approach.
  • Simple to administrate for clients who market their business through the site.
  • Administration tools that make it possible for clients to update their sites without any knowledge of HTML or web development.
  • The ability for the client to provide a direct link to his site – thus increasing targeted traffic to his own site.
  • An email database of both clients and customers providing an additional marketing and promotional tool via email articles and news letters.
  • Cost effective means of advertising that enables a smaller business to compete on an even playing field with its larger competitors.
  • Complete flexibility – should a client decide to change his page in some way to promote a new addition to his product, service or venue, this can be done quickly and easily via the administration panel at no extra cost.
  • No commission is payable by customer or client for the service at any time.

Other Revenue Streams

If you already run a tackle shop or a ebay shop, you could easily add a online shop to the guide increasing you sales and visibility.

What's Include

  • Complete website and database and all rights to it
  • Transfer of domain name to buyer
  • On disk all your stationery and admin and sales pack
  • Training material for sales etc.
  • Price £ ?
  • Reason for selling other bussiness commetments

Unique Bespoke Content

There is around 100 professional written articles about fishing, search engine optimized in which most sit on the first page of Google the vast majority at the top, these help to bring the visitors in for keywords related to searches being made.

This business is all set up and ready and has already produced a small income, you could run this business part time or even go full out and run it full time,you don't have to have any knowledge of fishing or website development, just know your way around a computer. the content management system is for your advert displays if you wish to add more pages or content to the site you will need a cms added to the site which will cost about £100 or if you have some basic understanding of adobe Dreamweaver you can use this to update the site.

Important Information

If you are interested in the site then in the first instance drop us a email with your phone number and we will give you a call back and arrange a time to go through the site with you.




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