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Fishing Tackle And Equipment

So you need some fishing tackle to go fishing or upgrade you equipment take a look at some of these great articles on the very latest tackle, also includes vintage fishing rods and much more..

Fishing Clothes


When outfitting for a fishing adventure, no matter what time of year you choose to go, selecting the right fishing clothes can be the difference between a wonderful time and misery on the banks.

Fishing Equipment


There's nothing more vexing than fishing equipment that simply isn't up to snuff. Such equipment is almost guaranteed to break when you need it most – when you've got a champion fish on the line.

Fishing Hooks


So you want to go fishing? And you are not sure what fishing hooks to use; well it’s not surprising with the vast amount out there to choose from. Firstly you need to know what fish you are expecting to catch.

Fishing Knots


Among the skills that anglers learn when they take up the habit is learning to tie some simple fishing knots. While many of the most complicated knots are particular to fly fishing, there are several good knots that should be known by any angler.

Vintage Fishing Rods


Fishing collectors are always on the lookout for vintage fishing rods. Because they are still usable, and they look great on a wall, they are actually in very high demand. Since their demand has grown so quickly, vintage rods.



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