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Fishing Syndicate

In addition to the many public waters that offer quality fishing for nothing more than the cost of a single rod and reel license from the Environment Agency, the UK is home to many private clubs and man-made lakes called a "fishing syndicate." These privately-owned waters are managed for their members to provide a highly-stable environment for serious anglers and fish, alike.

For the cost of a membership in a syndicate, you'll have access to the waters and, very often, a clubhouse that serves as a gathering place for when the weather gets bad or you simply want to do some bragging. Unlike a fishing club that may visit many different waters during any given season, the members of syndicate tend to stick to the lakes, ponds, canals and streams that they manage

This doesn't mean that a fishing syndicate isn't also a type of club. In fact, many syndicates are home to several different clubs that all take up seasonal residence there. It all depends upon the rules and regulations set out in their charters that members in good-standing often help set in regular reviews.

The fees collected from fishing syndicate memberships help maintain the grounds and waters. This very often means regular stocking with fish that the membership is most interested in fishing for. In fact, long before it was fashionable for governmental intervention in the preservation of public waters for either fish or anglers, the centuries-old tradition of the UK angling syndicates were carefully taking stock and managing which of their waters were open at a given time. As such, they are able to guarantee a good chance of a catch most years. Of course, membership in a fishing syndicate isn't for everyone. For some the fees are simply too high, as some syndicates keep them prohibitively expensive to exclude all but the most wealthy patrons. However, in modern times, syndicates to meet most budgets are available, depending upon how much travelling you're willing to do.

There are certainly rules and regulations that you'll be required to follow to maintain your membership in good standing. These syndicates operate with the blessing of the Environment Agency and there is no room for illegal or otherwise shady angling practices. Moreover, the membership is usually bound by additional regulations that mandate a basic standard of behaviour and environmental stewardship.

On the other hand, the benefits of an angling syndicate are great for busy professionals who don't have the spare time to go looking for a fishing adventure in the countryside each week, but still want good quality waters to visit whenever they have the chance. Beyond that, being a member of such a club offers the social benefits and camaraderie that many people prize almost as much as a reliable run of large fish.




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