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Fishing In Tyne And Wear

Sandwiched between Northumberland to the north and Durham to the south, Tyne and Wear is home to bustling cities and towns like Newcastle-upon-Tyne, North and South Tyneside, Gateshead and Sunderland. But there's a big secret about the county: fishing in Tyne and Wear is varied, exciting and plentiful.

A beautiful lake running beside the River Wear and surrounded by lush woodland can be found in Washington; Mount Pleasant Lake is a beautiful venue offering abundant carp to over 24 lbs, bream to 12 lbs, brute perch of five pounds and barrel loads of silver fish. The fishery is accessible to disabled anglers and is open all year round; night fishing is available by arrangement. When you've experienced scenery like this, you'll almost certainly be itching to get more fishing in Tyne and Wear under your hat.

Of course, fishing in Tyne and Wear means that you'll have access to the best salmon fishing water in the whole of the England and Wales; the River Tyne itself. The river has excellent visitor access along huge stretches of its banks, and the stretch coursing through South Shields offers superb angling all the year round. At the mouth of the river is The Groyne, possibly one of the best fishing marks in the whole of the north east. It's a short pier with plenty of safe car parking nearby, where you can fish codling, whiting and coalfish to your hearts content in the winter, and plenty of plaice, flounder, dab and freshwater eel in the summer. An especially safe fishing area for youngsters can be found at Mill Bank, a series of jetties just a short distance upriver from South Shields' ferry port. The water is bursting with codling and whiting between March and September, and laden with flounder and eel in the summer. Opposite the Copthorne Hotel in Gateshead, just inland of the swing bridge, you'll discover some lovely grassy banks of the Tyne to fish flounder and eel from.

In Newcastle-upon-Tyne, you'll discover the delights of the Tyne Riverside Country Park, a beautifully laid out park full of wildlife, woodland, grassland and agricultural land. It also happens to be a great fishing venue. Controlled by the Tyne Anglers Alliance, you can haul your tackle to two main areas, the River Tyne and sumptuously tree-lined Throckley Reigh (but note, if you're over twelve, you'll need an Environment Agency rod license). On the Tyne, you're permitted to catch dace, eel, flounder, brown trout, salmon and seat trout (if you're lucky, you'll find the occasional chub). On Throckley Reigh you can catch crucian carp, dace, ell, gudgeon, roach, rudd, tench, three spined stickleback and perch (on rare occasions, bream, carp and chub also put in an appearance here).

Whether you fancy a spot of river fishing, stillwater angling or chartering a boat into the North Sea for a touch of sea fishing, there are plenty of lakes stretches of river and rugged coastline in and around Tyne and Wear to meet your most exacting angling requirements.




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