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Fishing In South Yorkshire

Any angler considering fishing in South Yorkshire might kick off with a trip to Alderfen Fisheries, in the charming village of Droot near Doncaster. Each of the four lakes in the complex was specially designed according to the managers' specifications. As the managers are all keen anglers, you can expect some excellent coarse fishing here, whether you're a pleasure angler, a specimen hunter or a matchman. The lakes are set in a ravishingly beautiful 23-acre nature conservation area, with clean, well-spaced and comfortable swims. You'll find plenty of bream, carp, orfe, roach, rudd, pike and tench in these waters.

In the sleep little village of Old Ravenfield near Rotherham, you'll discover a most impressive reason why so many anglers rate fishing in South Yorkshire so highly. Ravenfield Ponds Coarse Fishery sits in a beautiful and secluded valley and boasts six lovely fishing lakes bursting with crucian, mirror and common carp along with bounties of bream, eels, gudgeon, roach, rudd, perch and tench. Four of the lakes host predominantly silver fish but one of the six is devoted to specimen carp (night fishing is available by arrangement). The sixth pond, which is positively leaping with small carp, is the match lake.

The Phoenix and Parkgate Angling Club which runs Ravenfield also controls two stretches of the River Don in Kilnhurst, where you can choose where to fish from a number of interesting features, including fast flowing shallows and steady runs up to ten feet deep. Typical river species can be found in abundance here, like barbel, bream, chub, dace, gudgeon, roach and trout. While you're in Kilnhurst, you might also chance your tackle along the 70 peg stretch of the South Yorkshire Navigation Canal. This is a seriously substantial canal, over twelve feet deep and more than 40 meters wide in places, and the fishing is superb. The canal at Kilnhurst is almost leaping with gudgeon and roach, but you'll also find some bream, chub, dace and perch.

Fishing in South Yorkshire will also lead you to a real angling hotspot: minutes away from Sheffield and Rotherham lies the six-lake fishing complex, KJS Fisheries. Whether you're a carp hunter or a silver lover, or you're just after anything that swims, you'll love this 200 peg complex. The largest site, next to Station Road in Killamarsh, houses four lakes, but the most breathtakingly beautiful site is a short drive away at West Pines, with its bays, islands and pools (you even find yourself fishing right up to a cliff face at one point).This water is mixed, with ornamentals, ide, skimmers, roach, rudd and ide and a good head of carp. Match anglers clamber over one another other to get to the highly popular canal pool.Two miles to the north east of these two sites sits KJS Aston Fisheries, a mature venue with a fabulous head of stock fish.It's alive with roach, ide and stonkingly hefty bream, as well as a large head of carp.

Whether you're into river fishing or still waters, coarse or fly fishing, pleasure, match or game, fishing in South Yorkshire will be an angling delight.




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