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Fishing In Northamptonshire

Whether you're the type of angler who likes to risk life, limb and tackle, wrestling hard-fighting fish waist deep in fast running water, or the type who prefers to sit beside a serene stillwater listening to birdsong, whilst waiting for a tug on the bait, fishing in Northamptonshire has something special to offer.

Between Grendon and Castle Ashby Village lies the prestigious Castle Ashby Fishery with its three fabulous lakes. Grendon Quarter Pond spans eight acres and has 60 pegs, and is renowned for its magnificent head of carp. The average weight is six to seven pounds although the occasional 22 pounder has been hauled out of the water. Scotland Pond is teeming with hefty carp and barrel loads of silver fish, including bream, gudgeon, roach, rudd and perch. Boasting several islands, this nine acre lake has 40 pegs; you'll find whopping great catches of fish (some over 200lbs) all the year round in this water, even in the cold winter months. Finally, the two acre, 26-peg Brickyard Pond boasts plenty of healthy-sized bream, crucians, tench, roach and rudd along with a monster double-figure carp. Many top name anglers are attracted to Castle Ashby Fishery in the winter months, to do battle with the large head of silver fish.

If you decide to go fishing in Northamptonshire, you'd be well advised to try the breathtakingly beautiful 68 acre lake at Sywell Country Park. Originally a water supply reservoir for Rushden and Higham Ferrers, it is now one of the premier tench fisheries in the UK, with tench up to 12 lbs being caught. There are also plenty of pike over 30lbs and bountiful throngs of perch and rudd. The most popular fishing spot on the reservoir is probably the dam wall, but there are plenty of others to choose from.

At Barnwell Country Park, you'll find another fine reason to try fishing in Northamptonshire. It comprises the 'Backwater', a streamy side channel of the River Nene, and two former gravel pits. No formal stocking has ever taken place in these waters; the large head of coarse fish is entirely natural. The two willow-fringed fishing lakes in the park span 2.48 and 1.43 hectares respectively, and species include bream, chub, eels, perch, roach and tench. This is a very accessible venue for rookie anglers and disabled anglers, three of the swims on Mill Lake and two on North Lake are wheel chair accessible.

You'll be immersed in 70 acres of stunning mature woodland if you pay a visit to the gorgeous Wold Farm Fisheries in Podington. The Moat spans one and a half acres and has 20 pegs; with catches frequently exceeding 100 lbs, this water is stuffed with barbel, bream, chub, crucians, golden tench and tench. The Oaks is an equally beautiful mature water of two acres; heavily stocked with bream, commons, ghosties, mirrors, roach, rudd and tench. This highly productive water regularly yields catches exceeding 150 lbs. The two acre Wold Lake sports two lovely islands and is a predominantly carp lake, holding splendid specimens of up to 30 lbs. You'll also find some 30 lb catfish and trout to double figures. Finally, Wold Farm has a gorgeous lake teeming with ornamentals, The Islands. There are koi and ghost carp, golden orfe, golden tench, and goldfish galore here.




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