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Fishing in Hertfordshire

Rib Valley Fishing Lakes are set adjacent to the glorious River Rib at Ware, in the lovely Rib Valley. Comprising three still water lakes, these waters offer superb coarse and fly-fishing for brown, rainbow and tiger trout. This is just one of many venues which tempt anglers from far and wide to try fishing in Hertfordshire.

A small, friendly fishing club set in north-west Hertfordshire controls a surprisingly diverse range of the county's waters. The Tring Anglers offer still water and river angling, including generous stretches of the Grand Union Canal (the main canal as well as arms at Aylebury and Wendover), the River Thame (at Ickford, Shabbington Island and Shabbington Lower) and still waters like Rislip Farm Lakes in Soulbury near Leighton Buzzard and Ford End Farm Pond in Ivinghoe near Tring.

Anyone who tries fishing in Hertfordshire would be well advised to check out the Turnford Anglian Consortium. One of the oldest consortia in the Lee Valley, it formed when a number of clubs joined to manage Hertfordshire's Slipe Lane Pits with the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority.

There are five beautiful lakes in all, beginning with the five acre Railway Pit. It is Predominantly a carp lake, with fine fish up to 30 lbs lurking cunningly in its water (although you'll easily find plenty of 20 pounders). Just because carp are the most populous doesn't mean that other species don't get a look in: the lake is also home to a good head of other species, including some hefty bream and tench weighing in at up to 10 lbs, and plenty of perch, roach and rudd.

Lea Pit is an angler's eye candy: with water as clear as gin, it hosts some crafty bream and tench to double figures and plenty of perch and rudd. There are also some thumping 20 lb pike lurking here, but this is a fairly challenging lake best suited to the more experienced angler.

Marsh Pit is relatively shallow but has a labyrinth of islands, reed lined bays and arms, which makes for some interesting fishing, and Boot Pit is ideal for all anglers all the year round. It's crammed with smaller carp, tench and bream and there are also a few rudd, perch and crucians keeping them company.

The distinctly Roman-sounding Verulam Angling Club provides another good reason to have a pop at fishing in Hertfordshire. It presides over a particularly diverse range of waters in the county and its private fisheries are second to none. You'll find monster carp to 40 lbs plus in them, as well as pike and small river dace and chub. Nearly half of the club's annual income is invested into improvements and restocking, so you can rest assured that its waters are maintained to the highest possible standards. Waters include stretches of the Rivers Lee, Flit, Ivel and Ouse, as well as Riverside Road, Smallford Pit, the Frogmore Complex, Paynes Lane and the Turnford Consortium.




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