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Fishing In Herefordshire

You might imagine that a beautiful rural county would have some beautiful rural angling waters to fit into it, and you wouldn't be wrong. Fishing in Herefordshire offers the adventurous angler some excellent and varied fishing in some fabulously bucolic locations.

For example, the Canonbridge Fishing Pools in Madley, an idyllic little village near to Hereford itself. The two captivating pools ('Heron' and 'Warlow') are brimming with bream, carp, crucian, gudgeon, roach and tench; you won't need advance booking to fish and the site is open from dawn to dusk. You can take a caravan there if you plan on spending a few days in the heart of some gorgeous countryside.

Or perhaps you might like to relax in the sumptuous grounds of Eastnor Castle Deer Park in Ledbury as you cast your first line. The beautiful Deer Park Lake is a premium day site and is guaranteed to bring you copious quantities of fine carp, perch, roach and rudd.

Anglers with families who may require a degree of serious comfort during a fishing holiday will also find the perfect solution by opting for fishing in Herefordshire.

The gorgeous holiday cottages at Docklow Pools may be the ideal setting; eight pools surrounded by mesmerising scenery and the option of luxurious accommodation in a seventeenth century farmhouse or beautifully modernised cottages are enough to beguile the most hardened angling sceptics (especially as there is an excellent pub and a superb restaurant on site).

The fishing is pretty darned good, too. Try the pole angler's paradise 'The Snake' bursting with barbel, bream ide, carp, chub, perch, rudd and tench. In addition to the lakes and ponds, Docklow Pools controls two prime stretches of the River Teme and one on the marvellous Wye.

You could also take a look at the Millpond (Coarse Fishing) Camping and Caravanning Park. These peaceful woodland ponds are the base for the Herefordshire Academy of Angling and offer three acres of well-stocked waters, teaming with rudd, roach, bream, tench, orf, gudgeon and carp (under 15 year olds must be accompanied at this site, however).

Some of the very best fishing in Herefordshire, though, can be found on the magnificent Wye at Belmont, the scene of some outstanding catches. This stretch of the Wye at Belmont Lodge and Golf exceeds one mile and has been meticulously pegged to deliver every imaginable type of swim from season's start to end. Many Wye Championships have been won on this stretch of water.

Hereford Fishing Pool in Wellington is another not-to-be-missed venue. Open from dawn to dusk every day, this gorgeous lake is stocked with all varieties of carp (including two handsome koi) as well as tench, dace, bream, roach and rudd. The pool is also available to hire for matches (provided you hire a minimum of six of the 12 pegs). There's something wonderful for every angler in beautiful Herefordshire.




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