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Fishing Hooks

So you want to go fishing? And you are not sure what fishing hooks to use; well it's not surprising with the vast amount out there to choose from. Firstly you need to know what fish you are expecting to catch, also the expected size of your quarry the general rule of thumb is the smaller the fish the smaller the hook, the bigger the fish the bigger the hook. There are generally two types of fishing hooks you can purchase, one is barbless and one is barbed the barbed hook has a small out turned flange just past the hooks point which helps secure the hook in the fishes mouth when playing the fish. The other is smooth with no flange attached.

Depending on where you are fishing and the rules in place on such waters will also dictate what you use.

Many different arguments over the years, for the pro's and cons of barbed and barbless fishing hooks have arisen, with extremely good points for and against. The most argued about point is damage to the fish's mouth. Whatever pattern you decide to use always have the fish care upmost in your mind and remove the hook carefully, abide by the rules of the lake and if in doubt before you fish ask.

The best advice for your choice of fishing hooks is to ask your local tackle shop or someone who is fishing in the same water as you. With hundreds of different patterns and manufacturers seemingly having the sharpest and most complete pattern of hook the choice is very personal. Always use the sharpest available hook that you can find and check the hook point on every cast for sharpness, in essence don't leave it to chance because this is what the fish first come into contact with. So pay particular attention to the quality of hook you intend to use.




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