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When outfitting for a fishing adventure, no matter what time of year you choose to go, selecting the right fishing clothes can be the difference between a wonderful time and misery on the banks. You certainly don't want to carry a bunch of extra clothes with you, but you'll need to make very certain that you have plenty of coverage to keep you warm and dry no matter what sort of conditions arise.

This means different things in different locations. For instance, when you're at the seaside, even in the best possible weather, you have to be prepared for what could very likely be non-stop cold salt-water spray. Such conditions call for lightweight and waterproof clothes that don't restrict your movement, allowing for a natural and unrestricted cast. Such materials are far more readily available now than they were twenty years ago.

Materials technology has made it much easier to find something other than thick rubberised jackets and pants to keep you warm and dry in these adverse conditions. Fishing clothes that come in contact with the elements are made to be both waterproof and breathable, whether you're in a full outfit with a bib and brace or a simple pole jacket.

You'll certainly want to dress in layers when selecting your fishing clothes, with a water absorbent layer next to your skin. This will soak up any sweat and keep you extra dry in both sun and showers. A thin t-shirt often does a good job on the top. Anything cotton is a good choice. On top of this layer you'll want some warmth.

Fleece, once the sole output of sheep, is now mostly man-made and capable of delivering equivalent or superior insulation with much thinner fabrics. Many of the sturdiest fishing clothes are made with quilted materials on the inside, for the extra warmth needed for winter fishing. Even when the summers turn cool and damp, as often happens in the UK when you least expect it, a fleece vest can be a real life-saver.

In addition to the usual clothing items, you'll certainly want to protect your extremities as well. Gloves, balaclavas, hats and good quality footwear are also just as important as a light and weatherproof slip-over and over-trouser set. Your boots should be waterproof and breathable. Be extra careful that your socks and boots don't cause blisters, or the way home will be miserable.




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