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Facts And Information About Carp Fishing In France

Every thought about going to France to catch some big carp, then look no further we have plenty of information on our guide. Why not take a look at some of our great carp lakes in France and read about some of the fantastic fishing avaliable in France..

Carp Fishing


One of the most rewarding types of angling in the UK, with a very long and storied history, is carp fishing. In fact, carp angling tends to draw very dedicated followers who think nothing of spending an entire week or more waiting for “the perfect run.

Carp Fishing Rigs


Different methods for catching carp have been about for many years now, but some of the most popular carp fishing rigs are the hair rigs. This particular rig has a proven track record and has probably accounted for the most used rig over the past decade.

A Guide To Carp Lakes In France


While UK waters are rich in several different types of carp, many experienced “carpers” swear that the really big and feisty ones are only to be found by fishing carp lakes in France.

A Guide To Carp Fishing Lakes In France


The challenges presented by carp lakes have become increasing popular with anglers in recent years. With temperate weather and numerous carp fishing lakes.

Carp Fishing In France


When considering going Carp fishing in France, there are quite a few points for you to look at and consider. France has become a mecca for the angling enthusiast and is quickly becoming the favourite place to book a fishing holiday.



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