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Extreme Fishing

Extreme fishing is, of course, partly in the eye of the beholder. For some, it might be little more than going to the nearby creek while it's raining. For others, jumping out of a helicopter over the Norway with nothing more than a pocket knife and a few matches might be considered somewhat mundane. However, there are plenty of examples that most would agree are pretty intense, many of which have been profiled on the channel five show of the same name that has aired since mid-2008.

For most, angling is a relaxing sport that allows them to do a bit of hiking and a fair amount of being still. In direct opposition to that is the sea fishing done in other parts of the world, as represented by "Extreme Fishing with Robeson Green?" Of course, this is a show with a large budget, but they certainly do portray types of fishing that really do exist in other parts of the world.

There was, however, something of an uproar among UK anglers regarding the way fish were dispatched with (or not at all) in the show. None of the first four shows were conducted in the UK, and handling of the fish was done according to the customs of the local populations ? generally without the same concerns for animal welfare as exist in Britain.

Such concerns aside, anyone with a thirst for adventure and few coins to rub together can find themselves having such adventures. Your own extreme fishing can be done in exotic locales, or places with very large fish. It could involve very different types of fishing methods, unusual modes of conveyance or very low-tech equipment.

One way to make extreme fishing dreams come true is to seek out guides in other countries who can show you where the fish are and the best way to find them. By the same token, taking a Lonely Planet Guide and a small angling kit to just about any country where you don't speak the language is pretty extreme for most fishers.

In the end, adventure is where you find it. You don't even have to go anywhere different to have an angling adventure that you'll never forget. Winter and night fishing is the first introduction that many people have to fishing in conditions that are less than perfect. Pitching a bivouac and spending a few nights at your favourite spot is a great place to start.




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