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Carp Fishing Rigs

Different methods for catching carp have been about for many years now, but some of the most popular carp fishing rigs are the hair rigs. This particular rig has a proven track record and has probably accounted for the most used rig over the past decade.

There are many variations on this rig, with different materials and hook patters being used, but the basic principle applies to all of them. You select what hook you are going to use, what hook length and material and start by tying a small loop at the end of your chosen material. Then thread your line through the back of the hook, and wind it down approximately 6 times down the shank of the hook, leaving the loop long enough to thread your bait onto, thread the end of your line back through the eye of the hook making sure it goes through the back and pull down tight, the other end of your rig is then finished with a loop knot or connected to a swivel.

Carp fishing rigs are so variable that is almost impossible to write about every different permutation available.

Some of the variations which are used are.

  • Bottom bait
  • Snowman
  • Popup
  • Critically Balanced
  • Chod,
  • 360 rig

Whilst some carp fishing rigs lend themselves to bait which sit up from the bottom of the water, others float around to look more natural when the fish are moving in the swim. Most of the leading manufacturers give you good detailed descriptions and diagrams on their packaging to help you decide which one is most suitable for your given angling situation.

As with most angling situations there is no experience like experience, and practice over the years and you will inevitably find you're favourite among the hundreds of carp fishing rigs, which are constantly changing with the advent of new tackle and ideas.

Keeping abreast of the very latest trends is an ongoing formality for most anglers, always seemingly wanting to keep ahead of their angling rivals. Don't be misguided by over complicating your rig, keep it as simple as possible for your situation in hand.

Just a few points may help you along the way. Water clarification, weed, topaz of the water, gravel bars, silty areas etc will help determine what you should be using.




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