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A Guide To Fishing In Worcestershire

Fishing in Worcestershire has much to offer to anglers of all descriptions. And a good place to cast your first line in the county might be over four beautiful lakes deep in the Wyre Forest near Kidderminster: Furnace Mill Fishery has an excellent stock of well-cared for fish, and is a superb venue for pleasure, club or match fishing.

The tree-lined 1half-acre Furnace Pool has an average depth of 6 feet and hosts bream averaging 2-4lbs (although if you're lucky and crafty enough you'll find some up to 12 lbs), chub between 1 and 4lbs, crucian carp up to 3lbs, roach to 3lbs, and tench averaging 1-3lbs. There are also plenty of common, mirror and ghost carp with average weights of 1? lbs to 5lbs. Some commons and mirrors reach double figures.

Mucky Meadow Pool is a little smaller at 1 acres, hosting the same species as Furnace plus some golden orfe, perch and rudd, as do Willow Pool and Mill Pool.

Near Droitwich in the heart of lush countryside, you'll find another excellent reason to try fishing in Worcestershire with the three-pool Elmbridge Fishery complex.

This complex caters or just about everyone, from youngster making their first forays into angling, to sedate pleasure fishers right through to enthusiastic match anglers and committed clubmen. Peacock pool has 24 pegs (the smallest of the three) but it has a nifty island running down the centre which makes it exceptionally interesting to fish from. It's bursting with some very hungry carp.

Pheasant Pool spans 2 acres and has 40 pegs, and hosts some hefty carp along with abundant silver fish of very respectable weights. Heron Pool, the largest, is frequently used for open venue matches because of the consistently high catch rate it yields throughout the year (the top match rate for this pool came in at a thumping 287 lbs).

Those who enjoy donning waders and battling with hard fighting river fish might like to try the River Avon at Evesham. The Twyford stretch of the river at Evesham and the Stratford area both tend to yield excellent catches of chub.

A little tip to note is that when the river is clear and low, you'll get the best fishing out of the more rapid, choppy waters like that below the weirs. The middle reaches of the River Severn are alive with barbel and chub and Shrewsbury's Quarry section is great for roach and dace. On the Littleton water at Stourport you're likely to find some open matches.

If these venues aren't reason enough to tempt you into fishing in Worcestershire, consider the Staffs Worcester Canal: in the Wombourne area, it's positively on fire.

It is virtually leaping with shoals of chub and attracting open, pleasure and club anglers in droves as a result. You'll find similar chub explosions in stretches of the canal at Pendeford (the red bushes) and below the lock at Awbridge.

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