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A Guide To Fishing In Warwickshire

Anyone who needs to get some serious fishing in on the precious one or two days off from work each week will want to find a place where there are excellent fisheries, but avoid wasting hours trying to find the best locations.

If this is you, look no further than Warwickshire. Besides the delightful scenery, fishing in Warwickshire is praised by many anglers. And with the Birmingham Angler's association to draw upon, it's highly organized when it comes to its numerous angling resources.

With beautiful countryside surrounding a scattering of picturesque towns and villages, this county is appealing enough without the fish, but with some of the finest fisheries to boast about, Warwickshire becomes a stress-busting, mood-lifting, angler's dream location.

To experience the best fishing in Warwickshire, you could try the superb Tunnel Barn Farm Fishery in Shrewley - widely considered to be one of the very best fishing venues in the UK. Which is probably why it manages to attract major matches like the Van Den Eyne Clubman Semi-Final, the Mavers Pairs Qualifier, and the Fishomania Qualifiers, to name but a few.

Catering for any kind of match, from huge corporate events with more than 150 people at a time to a quick bit of casting with a few buddies, Tunnel Barn Farm offers exclusive access to 2 miles of the famous Grand Union Canal in addition to its complex of seven pools.

To add to the day's enjoyment, there's a well stocked tackle shop selling fishing rods, landing nets and keepnets, and a generously sized clubhouse called "The Piggery." You can keep that angling hunger at bay by tucking in to a cooked breakfast or a sandwich, all of which can be delivered to your peg if you pre-order. It's the ideal location for club, match or simply pleasure fishing.

You can also get the best out of your fishing in Warwickshire experience by using the excellent resources of the Birmingham Anglers Association, who provide a comprehensive list of all the best fishing locations in the county, as well as weekly reports on the lakes, rivers, pools and canals within the region. If you want to know which waters are booked for contests on a particular day, or which fisheries are available when you visit, this is the resource for you. Its website also supplies information free of charge on where to fish across the county, including maps and travel directions.

And if you've been coarse fishing along the Stratford-Upon-Avon Canal, you might even feel like rounding off the day by slipping off to Shakespeare's birthplace or taking in a meal in one of the many restaurants once you've hung up your tackle for the evening

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