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A Guide To Fishing In Shropshire

Do you prefer your fishing waters still or fast flowing? Or does game fishing beat coarse in your estimations? Are you a laid back pleasure fisher or a thrill-seeking match man?

No matter anglers who try fishing in Shropshire will find plenty of waters to suit every taste. Here, we will have a glimpse at just a few of them, for example the stunning Mere at Ellesmere.

Easily the largest of the nine spectacular glacial meres around the North Shropshire Lake District, The Mere is the biggest watery legacy of the Ice Age in the area and it offers some superb coarse fishing. To be fair, so do many of the other meres Blakemere, Crosemere, Newton Mere and Whitemere are all well worth a visit with your rod and line. The Mere itself is a nature lover's heaven, surrounded by beautiful woodland, gardens and circular walks.

If you fancy a little river angling, you'll have a wonderful time if you go fishing in Shropshire. The Emstey stretch of the River Severn is regularly yielding hefty chub and roach weighing in at 10 lbs plus, especially if you fish in the evening. You'll also find plenty of dace and roach in the town waters, eager to feed in this superb stretch of river.

Over in Wolverhampton, you'll find the exquisite Patshall Park complex near the delightful village of Pattingham. The bream fishing is utterly extraordinary here, and if you're into match fishing, you can expect to bag up to 70 lbs on the boats section. Pleasure tickets are available from the lodge every day, but avoid Sundays if you can the site is usually exceptionally crowded then. Fishing in Shropshire is at its most beautiful in locations like this.

One of the best trout fisheries in the region can be found in Shrewsbury; take a look at the Cound Trout Fishery, an old 26-acre sand and gravel pit now functioning as a delightful spring-fed lake.

It reaches depths of 65 feet in places, and it has the most crystalline water you could imagine. There's a whole mile of fishable bank, and numerous staging and clear banks to cast your line from. Moreover, there are 13 boats available for hire, with seven more to arrive shortly. Laden with natural food such as insects, the lake is crammed with fish ? around 6,500 to be specific, ranging in weight from lbs to 20 lbs plus.

The lake boasts no fewer than six species of trout rainbows, browns, blues, brookies, tigers and arctic char more than any other trout fishery in the country, let alone the county. Cound is open every day from dawn to dusk, except Christmas Day and is a frankly magnificent venue.

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