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A Guide To Fishing In Northumberland

Whatever you're angling interests sea fishing, still water angling, river/game fishing you'll discover limitless opportunities for every one of them when you try fishing in Northumberland.

Probably the best Atlantic salmon river in the UK is the mighty River Tweed and it forms much of the county's northern border. There are salmon pools galore and numerous world famous beats along the Tweed and its tributaries, and the river bursts with grayling, wild brown trout and sea trout, too.

Moving to the southern border of the county, we find another great river the Tyne. If Scotland lays claim to the Tweed, then the Tyne is England's premier salmon river, especially along its North and South stretches (the Kielder hatchery releases literally millions of small salmon into the system every single year). The Tyne produces more rod caught salmon than any other river in England.

If river fishing is your forte, you won't know which way to turn if you try fishing in Northumberland. Besides the Tweed and Tyne, the county holds several other notable ricers such as the Aln, Blyth, Coquet, Till and the Wansbeck, all of which have numerous fishing sites dotted along their banks.

In the middle of the county, the Coquet rises in the gorgeous Cheviot Hills and descends through numerous idyllic little villages like Hebble, Rothbury, Felton and Warkworth before finally joining the sea at Amble. Day membership of the Northumberland Angling Federation grants you access to about twenty miles of fishing throughout the length of the river.

Fishing in Northumberland also has plenty to offer the still water angler. Many of the county's numerous still water venues are well stocked blue, brown and rainbow trout and attract hoards of locals and visitors alike throughout the year. Venues range from the vast Kielder Reservoir, with over twenty-five miles of fishable bank, to the modest and enchanting, such as the South Linden Fishery.

One to look out for is Chatton Trout Fishery, an imposing 4 acre trout fly fishing lake just outside the delightfully picturesque village of Chatton. Open from 8.30am to dusk every day, you can opt for a 'Catch and Keep' day ticket ranging between two and eight hours (prices: £10 to £25) or a 'Catch and release' ticket (£8 £19). You'll also scope some glorious views of the Cheviot Mountains in the distance whilst you're there.

The sea angler is also in for a treat. Northumbria boasts some spectacular coastline with fabulous beaches and cliffs and anyone in search of superb plaice, mackerel and bass should set off for the bays at Alnmouth, Beadnell, Druridge and Newton as soon as the summer kicks in.

The lovely piers at Amble, Blyth, Cullercoats and Craster are also well worth a visit with your rod and line in the summer months. There are also plenty of chartered fishing boats available from the many Northumbrian ports and fishing villages. After you've been fishing in Northumbria, you'll understand why many call it the fisherman's paradise.

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