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A Guide To Fishing In Norfolk

If the prospect of catching a hefty carp weighing in at 20lbs appeals to you, you might want to pay a visit to the delightful Norfolk town of Downham. The picturesque Wallington Hall offers good, old-fashioned estate lake fishing with its three generous lakes positively bursting with carp.

But that's not all: fishing in Norfolk means that you'll be spoiled for choice. If you fancy powering along the coastal waters before stopping off for a touch of coastline fishing on the gorgeous North Norfolk coast, chartering a fishing trip from Thornham is just the ticket for you. You can even dine on board with food cooked by a gourmet chef after your day's exertions.

Fishing in Norfolk will also take you to the stunningly beautiful Langmere Lakes, surrounded by lush, tranquil countryside and laden with bream, carp, tench and perch. It's the perfect setting to let the stress of urban life seep away and come home with plenty of stories of the ones that didn't get away. And if locations like this set your heart aflutter, you could try the ravishing Fritton Lake, quite possibly East Anglia's most beautiful stretch of water. Covering no less than 150 acres, Fritton Lake stretches two and a quarter miles from end to end.

But then there's the glorious Kingfisher Lakes four privately owned lakes stuffed with carp weighing up to 40lbs. The lakes have been carefully stocked under the expert guidance of premier fishing star John Bailey, who also manages the resource. It's quite simply fishing heaven - and you'll even have private access to a mile-long stretch of the River Wensum in Lensum.

If variety is the spice of life, you'll find the Narborough Trout and Coarse lakes abundantly spicy. Located in the breathtaking landscape of the Nar Valley, this working trout farm is crammed with carp, roach, rud, trout and bream of all sizes, not to mention rainbows of up to 20lbs. There's even eel to be had and you'll have a choice of lake or stream fishing. With the farm and lakes lying in natural water meadows, this is an idyllic, as well as a highly versatile, setting for any fishing enthusiast.

Fishing in Norfolk would be incomplete without mentioning the Norfolk Anglers Conservation Association. This is an organisation which may be well worth the membership fee, offering exclusive fishing in a range of Norfolk's rivers, including 2.5 miles of the Bure, 1.5 miles of the Waveney, 1.5 miles of the Upper Yare and the Wensum. You'll also get access to several stillwater fisheries including two gravel pit complexes. There's an additional fee for access to these facilities, but you'll get some superb fishing out of it.

So, anglers be warned: once you've experienced fishing in Norfolk, you could well develop an addiction to the place!

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