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A Guide To Fishing In Leicestershire

Leicestershire may not strike many as a paradise for anglers, and perhaps it isn't. But why should a county have to exaggerate when it has such excellent waters to fish in? If you like you're angling practical, pragmatic and productive, fishing in Leicestershire should appeal to you.

Practical and pragmatic, however, does not mean dull and dour. The breathtaking 400-acre reservoir, Eye Brooke Trout Fishery, straddles the borders of three counties (Leicestershire, Rutland and Northamptonshire) and could easily be described as a rural jewel gleaming in one of the prettiest parts of England.

Surrounded by rolling pastures and arable fields, fringed with pine, spruce and lovely willow trees, this mature stream-fed reservoir boasts five miles of fishable bank. There's also a well-maintained fleet of boats available for hire if you want to get out onto the water, and you will never, ever feel 'crowded' by other anglers jostling for position. You can also wade off the Island and the north arm of the reservoir. This venue alone will make fishing in Leicestershire an unforgettable experience.

The Leicestershire Fly Fishing Association provides another excellent reason to pack your tackle and go fishing in Leicestershire. The Club's activities include trips to Chew Valley Lake and other venues, Boat Individual and Boat Pairs Championships, bank matches for the President's Trophy, angling outings for the over 60's, and float tube outings.

In the winter, the Association offers river outings to fish for grayling, casting classes, fly tying for juniors (it's amazing how quickly they pick up the skills), and accuracy casting competitions for seniors and juniors. There are also plenty of lectures, demonstrations, talks and films offered by the Association.

The Soar at Aylstone in Leicester is an especially interesting stretch of this great river to fish, with its twists and turns and far bank shrubs. When it's gin clear and really cold, it's especially good to fish, but in truth it's much more difficult when the rains really pour down and make it very coloured.

The species are always a surprise: you could be happily catching 4 ? 6lb roach when, all of a sudden, a 4 lb bream, chub or tench will intervene and stretch both your skills and your tackle to the absolute limit. All in all, the River Soar offers endlessly fascinating fishing from one end of the year to the other, whether you're on the bank, up to your chest in waders, or on a boat.

In the lovely little village of Saddington, you'll find a peach of a fishery at C.J.'s. CJ's Fishery has three excellent lakes, all of which provide rip-roaring sport. One of the lakes (Alders) consistently produces match weights to three figures and the pleasure nets at Willow have been simply superb, with match weights frequently close to a 'ton' (one spectacular haul totalled 153 lbs).

The best pegs tend to be at the bottom end when the wind is pushing in that direction, but pegs in the 20's on the wide bank also produce some great fish. You could sit just about anywhere on Mallard Lake and be confident of an impressive catch ? but get there early because its reputation is catching on and it's getting more and more popular.So get out there and try fishing our guide to Leicstershire.




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