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A Guide To Fishing In Dorset

If the famous folk song insists that "Dorset is beautiful", we could confidently say, fishing in Dorset is even 'beautifuller' (if such a word existed). Take the Amherst Lodge Fly Fishery, for instance, situated on the Dorset/Devon border near Lyme Regis, the six glistening lakes in this fishery are set in 140 acres of sublimely beautiful countryside. The fishing is excellent and the scenery of the Amherst Lodge Valley is utterly mesmerising.

These beautiful freshwater lakes are fed by the River Lym and are noted for their peak condition trout. You'll soon discover that these fine beasts sport generously sized tails and superbly formed fins and they meet the angler with frankly pugilistic fighting qualities.

The lakes have been in operation for more than thirty years, a maturity which shows in the splendid waterside plant life and the superb quality of the water a magnificent environment not just for the fish, but for the local wildlife and visiting anglers alike. Anglers visiting this venue tend to return again and again.

It would be hard to describe fishing in Dorset without mentioning the Wimbourne and District Angling Club. Presiding over no fewer than 17 lakes (some of which they share with other clubs but many of which they have exclusive control over), 15 miles of the Dorset Stour, 1 mile of the beautiful Hampshire Avon and 1 mile of the adjacent Trout Carrier Stream, this Club provides some of the very best fishing in Dorset.

The coarse lakes regularly yield Crucians to over 2lbs, Tench to nearly 8lbs and Carp to a thumping 34 lbs. The Club's rivers also boast some hefty fish: you'll find Roach over 3lbs, Perch over 4 lbs, Brown Trout to more than 7 lbs, Chub to over 8lbs and Barbel to 17lbs. Whether your angling preference is match, specimen, game or pleasure, there are waters aplenty perfectly suited to your requirements in this club.

A county which includes the 'English Riviera' along its coastline is simply bound to offer some superb sea angling, as you might expect. The magnificent Silver Spray a modern motor catamaran providing angling charter trips from Poole is definitely worth checking out.

Its speed enables it to reach mid Channel wrecks as well as the Channel Islands with ease, and you'll bag plenty of catches from the highly productive grounds off Purbeck and the Isle of Wight.

The wrecks yield plenty of Cod,Pollack, Congers and Ling, and you'll come away with some fine Turbot, Plaice, Brill and Bass from the inshore banks. You'll also be able to do battle with some hard running Tope, darting Bream and Rays as well as many more.

The skipper encourages catch and release but the vessel does have facilities for keeping fish in prime condition for the table. Fishing in Dorset combines breathtaking beauty with fabulous fishing and there are many, many more superb waters to choose from than the few selected for mention here. It's most definitely a county to do some serious angling explorations in.




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