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A Guide To Fishing In Buckinghamshire

Anglers who love the idea of being spoilt for choice might want to try fishing in Buckinghamshire; you'll be hard pressed to find a more diverse range of resources in a single county.

Boyer Leisure Ltd alone, controls a breathtaking array of waters, including generous stretches of the Rivers Colne and the Thames at Taplow. That's by no means all: the company also controls numerous superb lakes and ponds, such as the beautiful Rodney Meadows (once one of the UK's premier carp waters) with its multiple small bays and islands. Covering twelve acres and stocked with new fish in 2007, it's simply thriving today.

Or you could take a trip to Boyer's famous Farlows Lake, one of the UK's most popular day ticket waters visited by anglers from across the country. It hosts hundreds of fish well over 20lbs and innumerable doubles, including a 38lb 4oz colossus fondly known as 'the Big Italian.' Mysteriously, it hasn't been caught for a couple of years now although it was spotted recently by Carp TV cameras, languidly gliding through the snags of Pads Bay.

Boyer's other waters include a further eight lakes and pools around the county so if you're fishing in Buckinghamshire, you won't be able to throw a stone without hitting one of them.

As the comedian used to say, there's more. The London Anglers Association controls a selection of waters in the counties surrounding London, which is simply vast. Two superb examples can be found in Buckinghamshire: a stretch if the River Thames between Bourne End and Marlow, and Eton Wick, a gorgeous venue on the Lower Thames which is accessed by footpaths a half-mile or so from the car park.

If you enjoy comfortable fishing from the bank using ledgering methods or a float, come to Eton Wick and bag some perch, roach, dace, and gudgeon as well as a few carp, chub, barbel and pike.

Opt for Bourne End, then remember to bring some waders the swims are shallow close to the bank in many places, so you'll need to stroll in a little to catch yourself some chub (the predominant fish in this stretch of Thames). Check the website for up-to-date information on membership -

Another fishery of note especially if you fancy concluding your day with a huge catch of carp is Alders Farm near Milton Keynes. Nestled in the picturesque village of Great Brickhill, this three and a half acre spring-fed lake is a superb venue for coarse, specimen, match and pleasure anglers alike.

A secret tip is to fish two swims one close in, the other further away, cunningly rotating between the two to keep the fish arriving. The Silver Lake in particular makes for some red-hot angling but mix your baits to catch a good selection of the various species there.

A Guide To Fishing In Buckinghamshire wouldn't be complete without taking your chances on the Great Ouse at Olney; it's fairly tough going, but by using a little luncheon meat as bait you could well catch some hefty chub, carp, barbel and perch before the day is done.

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