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A Guide To Fishing In Bedfordshire

Anyone who has decided to give fishing in Bedfordshire a go will definitely want to cast a line, or three at the Heron Lake Carp Fishery before leaving.

A nature reserve near the splendid River Ouse, Heron Lake forms part of the Wyboston Lakes complex and boasts an excellent head of roughly 60 carp to 41 lbs.

There are three islands, numerous gravel bars and lily pads, and you'll get excellent bank side cover. With an average depth of 6- 8 metres, Heron Lake also sports a deep, secluded bay area with one excellent swim. The shallow end has three swims and the lake in total boasts no less than 14 swims.

The fishery has an 'unlimited hours' carp fishing policy to tempt the enthusiast, and there's a secure car park with a well-equipped caravan if you plan on staying overnight.

If the idea of a little coarse fishing deep in the English countryside appeals to you, with only a few deer, foxes, badgers and sparrow hawks to keep you and your fellow anglers company, you'll find it hard to beat the splendid Tingrith Coarse Fishery.

This mature, 50-year old lake complex, borders the Woburn Abbey Estate in the heart of the breathtaking Bedfordshire countryside. Boasting three very different lakes in 21 acres of land, Tingrith has masses of space and oodles of pegs, making fishing in Bedfordshire a sheer delight. The membership fee will grant you dawn till dusk fishing, as well as five free night fishing sessions.

Fringe Lake is the ideal beginner's lake, bursting with Crucian Carp (the match record is 75lbs in three hours) but also hosting plenty of Common Carp, Brown Goldfish, Tench and Golden Orfe.

Orchid Lake, the most challenging of the three, covers a generous 60 acres and holds within its depths (up to 9 meters in places) a fantastic head of specimens ? over 60 double-figure Carp, enormous (50lb +) Catfish, and Tench galore. There are also double figure Ghost Carp, and plenty of fully Scaled Mirrors and Commons (Orchid is the favourite lake in the fishery for night fishing).

If the prospect of bagging up to 80lbs or more in a day quickens your heart rate, you'll find it hard to beat Cherry Lake, with its 25 well-spaced angling platforms and generous supplies of Ghost, Mirror and Common Carp, literally gargantuan Tench, and wonderful still water Roach.

Tingrith alone is ample reason to turn away from city traffic and leaden air and enjoy an unparalleled angling experience. A Guide To Fishing In Bedfordshire just doesn't get better than this.




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