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A Guide To Carp Fishing Lakes In France

The challenges presented by carp lakes have become increasing popular with anglers in recent years. With temperate weather and numerous carp fishing lakes, France is an ideal destination for a carp fishing holiday. The country offers superb, well-stocked lakes, with fish in excess of 50-60lb sure to delight every fisherman.

Top French Carp Fishing Lakes In France

Situated at Champagne, in Northern France, surrounded by a picturesque National Park, La Horre offers a lake of 270 acres, stocked with 2000 carp ranging from 20lb to over 60lb. A feeder stream runs along the lake bed, resulting in the classic attribute of gentle inclines to the middle with shallow water at one end. The maximum depth is 2 metres. Rated as moderate difficult, La Horre is a premier carp fishing location and widely regarded as a "must fish" venue for earnest carp anglers.

Chateau Moulin, at Limousin, in Central France is well-established, fully mature lake 42 acre lake, with an average depth of just over a metre. The deepest part, near the clubhouse, is approximately 4 metres deep. Chateau Moulin is restocked every year, with 600-800 carp in the lake, some of which have reached substantial size, with fish from 20lb to 50lb, averaging 35lb. Only 10 anglers can fish the lake at the same time. This means that every angler has over 4 acres to fish, a remarkable area of water. Although it is not possible to pre-book a swim at Chateau Moulin, with 18 swims for a mere 10 fishermen, there is plenty of room to move around if desired. Surrounded by delightful forests of oak and pine trees, Chateau Moulin is a gorgeous, natural retreat for carp anglers.

Iktus is a carp fishing lakes in france venue located at Barn, near Pau, in Southern France. The 86 acre lake offers clean, clear, high-quality water, varying in depth from 1-10 metres, with no crayfish or catfish. It is well-stocked with carp, with fish from around 10lb to over 50lb.

Essential Supplies for Carp Fishing Holidays

The appropriate fishing rod is the vital piece equipment for a carp fishing holiday. A heavy-duty, specialist carp rod will hold up well to the strain of fighting even the largest fish. A carp reel needs to be matched to the rod, to achieve good balance, whilst comfort is also important. The baitrunner type of reel is recommended. New fishing line suitable for catching carp of around 50lb should prove ideal. Avoid the temptation to use lighter line, as it may cause injury to fish, which must be avoided. Hooks are relatively inexpensive, so it is worth investing in high-quality hooks in a selection of sizes and weights. Cheap hooks can result in lost fish and increasing frustration. It is worth noting that many French waters insist on barbless hooks. For carp fishing, a variety of weights of the in-line and bomb type should prove suitable. A good tackle box, with partitions to keep items separate and tidy, is invaluable. Decent-quality, insulated rainwear will keep anglers warm and dry in wet weather. Additionally, the best lightweight tents can be used as shelter from inclement weather.




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