Different types of angling from around the world..

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lakeside fishing fishing in a river fishing at night sea fishing

Escape to a beautiful lake

Relax and enjoy the beautiful lake side angling....

Fly fishing

There is something special about fly fishing that sets it apart from any other sort of angling....

Fishing while the sun goes down

There is something special about angling when the sun is setting....

Charter a sea fishing boat

Get out on a sea fishing charter a discover what our oceans have to offer you....

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A Guide To Different Types Of Angling

Thirty different articles to read covering all aspects of angling. From coarse fishing to fly fishing to what equipment to buy and how to start fishing something for every angler to read.

Latest Fishing Tackle


There are so very many different types of bait available, both at the angling shops and on the Internet – it's hard to know what to believe without spending a lot of money to find out.

Fish Species


The UK is lucky to have quite a few very sporting fish species to choose from in its many waters. From gravel pools to the sea, there are quite a few to choose from.

Method Feeder Fishing


With the increase of match anglers in the UK and the popularity of fishing on commercial type waters on the up methods to catch and land larger fish have become more in vogue. One of the most popular techniques at the moment is the ‘Method’



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