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Escape to a beautiful lake

Relax and enjoy the beautiful lake side angling....

Fly fishing

There is something special about fly fishing that sets it apart from any other sort of angling....

Fishing while the sun goes down

There is something special about angling when the sun is setting....

Charter a sea fishing boat

Get out on a sea fishing charter a discover what our oceans have to offer you....

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A Guide To Different Types Of Angling

Thirty different articles to read covering all aspects of angling. From coarse fishing to fly fishing to what equipment to buy and how to start fishing something for every angler to read.

Fishing With A Method Feeder


Firstly, what exactly is it "Basically, it’s a way to present the hookbait next to a tight area of feed without being too complicated. By fishing with a method feeder and a short hooklink, anglers are able to guarantee that the hookbait is within inches of free offerings.

Pole Fishing


On any given weekend afternoon, there will actually be more people pole fishing in the UK than watching football. Incredible, but true. While there certainly are people who go netting or trapping for fish, anglers who use a pole constitute a massive majority

Predator Fishing


Anglers tend to catch far more of the fish a little lower on the food chain, such as carp and trout, as compared with strictly predatory fish. Not only are there fewer of them, but they usually live much longer and grow wily in their old age

Professional Fishing


Just because someone calls themselves a professional fishing instructor or some other type of self-styled expert doesn't mean they really have any type of remarkable insight. Often it simply means they know one type of fishing or patch of water better than anyone else.

River Fishing


There are few sports more dear to the British heart than river fishing. For hundreds of years, rich and poor alike have found productive and entertaining angling at the hundreds of rivers and streams found throughout the British Isles.



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