Finding The UK's Best Fishing Spots

In a nation the size of Great Britain, it should come as no surprise that many of the best fishing venues in the UK are kept secret by the anglers that frequent them. For those just getting started with the sport, this kind of secrecy can make it difficult to find spots where one can really hone their skills.

Just having a good-quality map doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to tell a dud of a pond from what might be one of the best fishing venues in the country. There are plenty of things that make a fishing spot good other than just the geographic location and what can be discerned from a satellite.

Consider the role that vegetation plays in the development of a healthy fish population. Though it depends upon the actual species of both the fish and the grasses they will feed upon and hide in. Though it is often impossible to tell how a run will behave, based upon such esoteric criteria, you can get an idea for how the lay of the land is under the water’s surface. This is important so you can figure out if there are water features, channels, drop-offs or anything else that will attract or funnel fish into a run that you can tap into. The best fishing venues will have features like that in spades.

Fishing Licences And Access

In the UK, such spots are very often kept to the membership of an angling club, sometimes resulting in the purchase of such areas for the exclusive use of their membership. In fact, the number of really excellent spots that are open to the public without any type of fee are actually somewhat small. Fishing syndicates and other day ticket waters are very common, even at the sea coast. Some of the best venues without additional fees are located in very rural areas, though even those are being snatched up at a fantastic pace.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t plunk down a few extra pounds to take in some really world-class angling within a short drive of your home. Every county in England and Wales has a water that specializes in at least one type of coarse or game fish that continues to run in abundance. You may need to confer with club members, on the internet or even down at the local pub to get a good idea of just what those waters may be, but they certainly do exist.

Use your own good judgement when you get there, and take a few casts before you unpack everything sometimes even at a well-known angling paradise, you’ll still need to move around a bit to find the right bit of bank to really make your adventure memorable.