A Guide To Boat Fishing

While waters in the UK are very productive from the bank, there's nothing quite like getting out there in a vessel .Boat Fishing from the water allows you to more easily access many important species that don't often come into the shallows to feed. Predator species such as pike are a very good example. Preferring to spend their time in deep waters, near drop-offs where other fish feed, such fish are not often found near the banks.

Boat fishing is also very important for those seeking many of the ocean fish that inhabit the areas just out of reach of most surf fishers. These boats can be anything from a small dinghy to a large commercial fishing vessel that goes out several nautical miles to the banks where cod and other deep-water fish are found. Such vessels are most often chartered by a small group or club of anglers for a short day trip or several days at a time.

For inland waters such as Scotland’s fertile lochs, boat fishing can be the only way to really access the vast majority of species that inhabit these bodies of water. Bass fishing is one example of an angling speciality that is almost entirely reliant upon getting in a small boat to reach them. Among the most sought after species due to their very strong fighting, bass tend to congregate on the far side of reeds that are very difficult (if not impossible) to navigate from the bank.

Increased Fishing Versatility

Boat fishing is also considered the best way to reach fish in the middle of the afternoon, when many species head into deeper waters to wait out the heat of the day. If you don’t have access to a boat, you may have to wait until dusk or dawn for these fish to come in for feeding.

For those lucky few who actually own a boat, you are very likely to have it moored on particular water close to home. It is, for instance, very common for people who own lake-front property to have a small boat of their own. It is not, however, terribly common for boats to be dragged around from lake to lake in the UK, as they are in some other countries.

Most anglers, however, will find it much easier and economical to charter or rent a boat when they get a desire for fishing by boat in the UK. Owning a boat can be a very expensive proposition, and it is likely that only the most well-heeled anglers will want the bother and expense. That said, there’s nothing quite like it when it comes to a peaceful afternoon of angling on your favourite lake. Using a boat for angling really opens up some opportunities that are not always open to exclusive bank-fishers.