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The Anglers Fishing Guide has new owners.

This very popular Leicester based website had close to 250,000 visitors in less than 6 months. The website was a huge resource for UK and European anglers, with informative how to articles, and a huge directory of charter operators, fishing holidays, and destination guides.

We are taking the whole business online. We are currently working to restore the sites content. We will also be expanding the charter directory, fishing holiday and location guide to encompass the whole globe. This will take a bit of time, and we have people working to build a more robust and user friendly theme, and search function.

Check back soon,

Tight lines ... Andrew!

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The United Kingdom has a thriving fishery and fishing community. Many people don't realise that they can catch fish right on their doorstep. Even in cities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Island you have great fun catching fish in the hundreds of miles of city canals. Not to mention the lakes, rivers, ponds and the open ocean.

We have complied many articles on this website on how to catch certain species, where to catch fish, licencing and rules. Fishing from a boat, and the tackle you will need. All these articles are dedicated to fishing in the UK.

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